Scientific Writing & Editing

Need some extra help with your scientific writing?

We can create a tailored workflow to help you advance your writing efficiently.

If you’re working on an important text, you may want an external perspective from other researchers. Or, if your workload is slowing down your scientific writing, we can help you organise your ideas and advance your writing efficiently. As scientists and editors, we offer scientific writing and editing services to help you create a coherent story, a well-organised argument, and a polished final text.


Bring your paper to the highest scientific standard

As experienced publishing scientists, we understand the challenge of writing papers at the end of a research project. We work with you to help clarify your scientific story, connect the ideas, and perfect the language of your paper.

If you already have a draft of your article, we take the perspective of a reviewer, editor, and reader to help you to get it ready for submission. If you don’t yet have a draft and you need help to organise your ideas, we will create a workflow to build your article iteratively together, using our established methodology.

Scientific Reports & Theses

Our team can help with your scientific writing and editing

As researchers, we know it can be tough to balance your research work with your scientific writing and editing tasks. We can help you to plan, structure, and prepare your thesis or scientific report. 

If you already have a draft of your text, we work with you to improve the structure, flow, and language. If you don’t yet have a draft, we build it together using our established iterative methodology.

Our Experience in Scientific Writing and Editing

Get some help from our multidisciplinary team of experienced scientists

Since 2013, our team has helped scientists to publish over 650 scientific articles and reports. We have worked with more than 60 universities, institutes, agencies, foundations, networks, and companies from a dozen countries in Europe and beyond.  

Albert Espelt, University of Manresa

“English reviewed very well. Scientific comments helped to improve the manuscript. The best way to improve one’s chances of getting a paper accepted!”

Sandra Mechó, Radiologist, Football Club Barcelona

“Fast and detailed work, at the excellence level. You have looked for the specific author guidelines of the journal, you have reviewed all the details.”

Francesc Baró Mariné, Unit Head, Vall d’Hebron Hospital

“You sent the manuscript on time and I would recommend your services to a colleague.”

Gil Rodas, Medical Doctor, LEITAT Technological Center

“Helped me with the guidelines and recommendations. Made me pay attention to some paragraphs that were not clear.”

Raquel Lisbona, Radiology Resident, Germans Trias i Pujol Hospital

“We are very satisfied with the professionalism of your team.”

Marta Ortega, Head of Professional Development, DAP Lleida

“Buena traducción, así como, buena captación del sentido clínico.”

Daria Lisaia, Researcher, South China University of Technology

“Excellent English language editing services for our manuscript. In addition to editing the grammar and sentence structure, they provided general recommendations that I believe will significantly improve the readability of the manuscript and will help to meet the highest standards of academic writing.”

Senior Researcher, Barcelona Institute for Global Health

“Quick response and high quality of the review”

Aleix Obiol, Researcher, Institute of Marine Sciences, Barcelona

“It helped me a lot to improve my writing style. Very detailed review of the language and the coherence between sections. Many helpful comments.”

Samuel Ojosnegros, Head of Open Innovation Lab, IBEC, Barcelona

“Worth doing it. You nailed your edits, both direct additions/substitutions and comments. Nailed it. I pretty much accepted everything.”

Verónica Espinel, Research Assistant, Consorci de Salut i Social de Catalunya

“The revision was accurately performed and in a very short time. The outcome of the revision was really satisfactory. It really enhanced the manuscript.”

Glòria Tort, Course Coordinator, Universitat de Lleida

“Adaptation and flexibility in adapting ideas. Commitment with the established dates and contribution with new proposals. The translation and adaptation of the manuscript has been highly satisfactory.”

Gwenael Piganeau, Researcher, Sorbonne Université

“Great, I am convinced and will contact you again! There was the English editing obviously, but also some suggestions to improve the clarity of the message and general comments about when we should explain what.”

Miquel Angel Fullana, Researcher, IMIM Barcelona

“They not only do a great editing job, but they also have a lot of scientific experience. They polish my papers so that, not only is the science clear, but there’s also an interesting story behind it.”