Training for Scientists

Need some help to organise a workshop at your institute?

We run highly practical, interactive training workshops using simple but powerful concepts grounded in real research experience. Our training helps researchers manage their workload, communicate well, and get their science done.

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Training in transferable skills, sometimes called “soft skills”, is key for researchers’ professional development. In fact, these are the fundamenta skills that stay with us throughout our careers, whether inside or outside academia. However, many institutes find it challenging to provide engaging, practical training that matches the high expectations of scientists. We deliver interactive workshops on transferrable skills to boost your institute’s training program. 

Key topics for researchers’ professional development

To help institutes and scientific networks meet their researchers’ demand for training, we provide interactive workshops that help scientists deal with the main challenges they face in their everyday working environment. We use innovative training techniques and proven didactic concepts to create practical, engaging workshops on a range of key topics:

Thematic workshops

  • Scientific Writing
  • Grant Writing
  • Oral and Poster Presentations
  • How to Read a Paper
  • Career Development

Workshops for different career stages

  • Core communication Skills, Time and Project Management (for PhD students)
  • Managing myself and working with my team (Postdocs edition)
  • Managing myself and working with my team (Group Leaders edition)
  • Writing in Teams (for Group Leaders)

Our Experience in Workshops & Training:

Our team of experienced scientists can help yours

During our own research careers, we wish we had received training on lots of essential skills. Since 2015, here’s what we’ve been doing on just those topics:

>250 workshops

>400 workshop days of training

>3,500 PhD students, Postdocs, and Group Leaders trained

>60 research institutes, universities, and research networks

>10 countries in Europe, Asia, and South America

What participants say about our workshops

Participant, Group Leader workshop, CiMUS, Santiago de Compostela

“An awesome, interactive and schematic experience to broaden and improve my skills”

Jesús Sánchez PhD, Organiser of a Postdocs workshop for Fundación CRIS contra el cáncer

“The attendants were positively surprised with the depth of the course and all of them learned useful tools to grow their scientific careers. We are very happy with the results of the training.”

Participant of an Oral Presentation Workshop, Barcelona Supercomputing Centre

“It was excellent from the contents to the trainer. It was spot on the issues that we face in oral communication. Particularly the trainer was excellent.”

Participant of a Core PhD Skills workshop, VHIO, Barcelona

All the dynamics and the tips were fantastic, every exercise was different. I loved that they only used flipcharts and not a power point.

Participant of a Group Leaders Workshop, The Internet Research Centre, Barcelona

“The overall clarity in which the seminar was imparted, the neutral tone and light way in which trainers gave the course, the professionalism and some hints and examples that are valuable coming from other research areas and applicable to different degrees”

Participant of a Scientific Writing workshop, University of Hamburg

The workshop was very well structured, providing clear tools and guidelines that I can always look to while writing. Thank you!

Participant of a Career Development workshop, BIOREMIA ITN, Dresden

“All the content was excellent, especially the core values, interview practice and personal anecdotes were very good.”

Participant of a Postdocs Workshop, FEUGA, Santiago de Compostela

“Insightful and fun workshop which allowed me to reflect on myself and my actions”